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Milk - Raw vs Pasteurized which is better

RAW MILK Vs THE PASTEURISED MILK DEVESH GUPTA INTRODUCTION During the early 20 th  century, Foodborne illness became a bigger issue. Milk as we know is a perfect meal, but at the same time milk is highly perishable item and due to this it caters a perfect environment for the growth of the microbes. Due to Industrialization and urbanisation more and more people moved towards the cities, moving away from the source of the food; thus, it become more important to preserve milk and food commodities in general. In context of this preservation techniques were made, one such technique is PASTEURISATION. Pasteurisation was developed to preserve the beverages in general and this technique  is widely used to preserve the milk. This however has led to debates among the masses whether to consume treated milk or not. I personally belong to the group of masses that promotes the consumption of treated milk and I highly recommend drinking only pasteurised milk. DISSCUSION A simple