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FOOD LABEL a Necessity

How many  times have you doubted the quality of the food products lying on the shelves of the supermarket  say for example how can the consumer judge if the product sold is as per the regulations or if its doesn’t contain any allergens ,  harmful adulterants or a additive that may be deteriorate to the human health . Well to ensure the full transparency of the food products
FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India; as on 13 December 2016) made the nutrition declaration on packaged product mandatory.

While providing the nutritional information the declaration needs to consists of:
-the energy value
-the amounts of carbohydrates, Protein, Fats, Sugar and salt present in the commodity
- Any potential allergens
Along with this compulsory nutritional information the information regarding
-mono saturates
-poly saturates
-vitamins and minerals
Can be supplemented. Once the mandatory and supplementing nutrients are declared no other nutrient can be added to this list.
Another compulsory information to be mentioned on the food commodity is the list of ingredients used; the nutritional label and ingredient label must be placed in the close proximity or in the same field of vision.
The nutritional information must be provided in the tabular form with numbers aligned to the nutrient. The energy must be expressed in kilo joules (KJ) or kilo calories (K cal).and the amount of nutrients must be expressed in grams. All this information must be provided in a clear format without any misleading information.

Despite this the leading supermarkets of the state continue to sell the packaged food commodities without any nutritional labels or ingredients list. This practice is a mockery on the face of the food authorities. But it’s not only the supermarkets that could be blamed it is due to wrecked and corrupt System that the manufacturers’ aren’t afraid to play with the lives of the consumers. Let it be packaged fruits, vegetables, pulses, cereals, sugar or salt everything is being sold without an appropriate label. The consumer can also be blamed for it, it is due to sheer ignorance we continue to buy products that can do serious harm to our health .


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